Christening My New Crock Pot!

Tonight was a very exiting night. I finally took my new crock-pot out of the box and filled it with deliciousness! Thanks to my friend Carrie, when I moved from PA she bought me my very own crock-pot (probably because I used hers on a weekly basis and she knew I wouldn’t be able to live without one!)

I can’t decide which novelty I like best right now, it is a toss-up between MY MAC and my crock-pot. My number one tip when doing a crock-pot recipe is to always prep the ingredients that need to be chopped, measured, sautéed etc the night before. If you are like me you are a crazy person running around trying to blow dry your hair, pick out an acceptable outfit, and shove breakfast down your face…therefore you need to prep that schtufff!

Isn’t she so shiny and new looking??

This is pre cookin’

The spinach goes in at the end, only for a few minutes. Do you think I added enough? (Pop-eye would be proud)

Mushrooms, Spinach, Onions, Garlic, Tortellini..Oh my!

Good “chili-day-non-chili” soup

I decided to do a crock pot recipe because my mom and RR’s mom were coming tonight and I knew it would be annoying to be all over the kitchen trying to pre-heat, chop, cook etc. This recipe is from the one and only vacuum-time-sucker website Pinterest. Check it out at: Creamy Slow Cooker Tortellini Soup

RR and her Mom..tomorrow is “Momnesday”

The soup turned out pretty good. I was a little disappointed because it was quite watery. I doubled the recipe because I have a huge worrying problem that I won’t have enough food for people, so I always make too much. I can’t help myself. So maybe the watery-ness (of course this is a word) was from the extra broth and evaporated milk, not sure about this one. But the soup left us all feeling full, lots of spinach, mushrooms and of course the best part…tortellini. If it was up to me I would’ve just eaten tortellini by itself, but make a meal that does not!

My mom is here!! Lounging around, she is telling me how she loves that I have learned to keep my room clean since I was in high school when it looked like a tornado hit every day when I emptied my closet looking for the “hippest” thing, majority of it ending up on the floor. She thinks we are so cool with our Mac’s…

Tomorrow we head to the Serenity Tea Room in Frederick, I am really looking forward to a day off:) ahhh the life of a teacher.

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