Running 3 Miles is Hard

You are probably thinking, wow Liz, if you think 3 miles is hard right now, how the hell are you running 26.2 in less than 2 weeks???

Short runs are harder than long runs sometimes! Because you know it is going to be “sooo short”…you want it to be over ASAP…on the reverse when you run 20 miles, you know in your little brain that 20 miles is NOT going to be “sooo short”…and it is going to take a LONG time so you relax, get in the groove, and just go with it.

(This quote describes what happens during a long run…)


My little 3 mile run this morning, which BTW is the shortest mileage I have done since July…was honestly kind of hard!! But it felt great to be able to run at 8:30am when the sun is warm and the air is still brisk but not too cold. If only I could run every day at this time, I would love running even more:)

I have been rolling around in my head different ideas of what I want my workout regimen to be when we are done marathon training. It is so pathetic that I am excited to be able to go to spin, bodypump, and do the stair climber. I am going to really try after the marathon to take a few days off…Thanksgiving will probably be my first day back to running and it will be a legit “Turkey Trot” with my Dad and Lucy just to shake out my legs a little and get ready to sit at my mother’s gorgeously festive Thanksgiving table and eat the most AMAZING dinner ever.

For now I am going to stop thinking about my post-marathon workout plan and just enjoy these last few runs before the BIG DAY. I have been training for this thing for almost 18 weeks, and I need to remind myself to stay in the moment.

Like I mentioned…we did a little shopping today for some marathon gear. We found this shirt and were instantly reminded of the good bloom days and practicing our best Danity Kane impersonation….”Show, show stoppin”… too bad the shirt was not the right size…I really did go through almost all of my bloomsburg facebook picture (that are now private) to try and find our “Danity” night…but no such luck…



We decided on a flashy neon tee from Under Armour that says “Brave The Run”…we thought it was perfect….you really do have to be brave (and crazy) to run 26.2 miles…!



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