Plantains, Zoodles, and Mick

My parents went to see The Rollingstone’s in concert last night. My mom was sending some pretty hilarious text messages that I probably shouldn’t share on the internet…one included that she was going to “throw her panties on the stage”…and my sister’s response was “ok just got sick”…love group messages


This was my parents pre-concert “tailgate”… this is why no matter where you go with my family (even just down the block) we ALWAYS have a cooler and “iceies”


Looks pretty good for 69!

Yesterday was my first official day of summer… and as my sister said “You have too much time on your hands”….


I had some plantains that were looking mighty ripe (when they begin to turn black they are ready to go!). This was my first time eating or cooking with plantains and it was a success!


This recipe comes from the Everyday Paleo Cookbook which is one of my favorite cookbooks these days…

Plantain Chips!

2-3 ripe plantains (when they begin to look black)

1/4 c. coconut oil

1. Slice plantains very thinly, keep the peel on so you don’t smush the plantain chips

2. Peel the peel off

3. Heat the coconut oil until it is very, very hot! I mean like 1-2 minutes heating this stuff.

4. Add plantain chips and let “fry” for about 30 seconds to 1 minute…then using a fork or tongs flip careful not to burn!

Today I plan on making fresh guacamole to go with the plantain chips! 

For dinner I had some leftover ground beef with a tomato based sauce so I just made some ZOODLES (zucchini noodles)…

How to make ZOODLES


Use a Julienne Peeler to put your zucchini on a cutting board and have at it!


Your noodles should turn out like….nooodles!!! (Note…DO NOT use a cheese grater like I did the first time I tried zoodles and slice your fingers apart…#fail)


I heated my zoodles for about 2 minutes in the microwave, drained the water and added some salt and pepper… then tossed with the ground beef and some fresh basil…it was SO good. In the past…pre-paleo I would’ve wanted to add some parmesan cheese…but to be honest I do not crave dairy…cheese, yogurt etc. but if you are a non-paleo have some parm with it!

Just wanted to add this video that I saw “trending” on the Today Show .. (so grateful that I can watch it every morning now!)…

This man was a principal for 36 years and retired…his students did a flash mob to “Don’t Stop Believing” and wrote a huge sign that said “Thanks for Always Believing in Us”…HOW CUTE!!  This will put a smile on your face today!

Have a great Hump Day…

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