April Happenings- Baltimore Forum Weekend

The first weekend in April Andrew had a business forum for his job in Baltimore. Although he had to work most of the weekend, luckily Andrew’s brother in law also works with him and so I got to spend the weekend with Andrew’s sister Tiffany who use to live in Baltimore…she took me to some awesome spots! I am starting to really learn my way away Baltimore!


On Friday night we met at the Pratt Street Ale House which was located near the Marriott we stayed out. We had a drink with Andrew’s co-workers, then headed on our way to where Ashley use to work…Jack’s Bistro !


You can see we finished our appetizer before I was able to get a picture. Devoured was a unique dish of Mac + Cheese + Chocolate. Yep, thats right it was shell pasta with a smoked cheese sauce, topped with Columbian dark chocolate. Decadent!


The next morning I woke up to run along inner harbor…it was a gorgeous morning and I was able to get in 7 miles. There were so many runners out, it was very motivating. Running in different places is really awesome, especially when you don’t know where you are going…it helps make the miles go by a little faster!


Tiffany and I had a great lunch in Mt. Vernon at City Cafe…we then spent the day walking around and doing some shopping. It a great day to explore the city.


The Forum Dinner was fun! They even had a magician and Andrew volunteered to go on stage….lol


All in all it was a great weekend!

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