The R & R Hurricane

I always complain that there are not enough hours in the day to sleep, cook, work out, do grad work, read, watch movies and…relax. Well Sandy has forced us to lock ourselves in the comforts of our homes with our loved ones, friends, family, pets and learn to get some hours relaxing, rejuvenating and learning to appreciate electricity and the freedom to go about our lives.

In the past few hours I have watched 2 movies (this is more than I can usually sit through in a month)…read over 150 pages in a book I have been reading since August…completed progress reports….grad school posts…ran 5 miles on a treadmill along with a killer abs&arms workout….had wine two nights in a row…made some killer snacks & meals from LBN and actually have gotten to SIT down and enjoy them without shoveling breakfast,lunch or dinner in to my mouth….stalked more blogs then is humanly possible. I also was on the phone for 2 hours with Meghan….been group messaging my mom and sister…and catching up with my roommate.

As I watch the rain blowing, light posts swaying feverishly and the trees looking like they are doing the hula…I will say I am a little spooked…and also becoming a tad bit stir crazy (we already have off tomorrow, and who knows what Wednesday will bring).

Here are some pics of whats been going down in the confines of a two bedroom apartment…

Made the easiest sweet potato fries…put oven at 325…slice a medium sweet potato in rounds or slivers…coat with a few sprays of cooking spray…add a few dashes of sea salt and bake for 25 minutes..delicious! (from LBN eating plan!)

Wine and Reading is honestly the best combination, currently I am reading Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult, hoping to finish it tonight!…This is one of the cute coasters I bought down in Avalon this summer… my prayers are with all the shore house owners:(

In September I was in Narragansett with Sessy and I took the picture on the left…the Today Show was at the scene in the picture to the right this morning…Sessy and Pat are enjoying their first married day/night together with no power…last time I checked they are playing monopoly, drinking cosmos…and hopefully still going to be married when hurricane Sandy ceases… 🙂

Ventured out for this flick…two single girls, trapped in an apartment for two days…we need SOME eye candy!

Found this on Hungry Runner Girls Blog… Love the commandments….especially number 9…so true especially with marathon training.

Delicious “Greek Sandwich” from lunch today…whole wheat pita with 3tbsp hummus, tomato slices, cucumber slices, sprouts, and baby spinach…

This was posted at the GINORMOUS hill at the Marine Corps Marathon from this past weekends race in DC…will think of this when we hit those hills in Philly…

We still have power…but if  it goes I will be “Apple Prepared”…can’t live with out those things!

Treadmill hurricane running…wasn’t so bad knowing I would be sitting on the couch or in my bed all day being a lazy bum…gotta sweat!

This is the wine of choice for the past two nights…it was $9.99 at the liquor store and I couldn’t resist with the cute name “Wild One”…plus it is a Malbec (my fav)! My review is a 10 out of is sooo delicious! RR loves it too, Also…the name is perfect for this “wild” storm we have got going on here!

Stay safe! Drink wine and enjoy the R & R that the hurricane has brought us…think of all the times you wished you could be sitting in your home with nowhere to go and nothing to do:)






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