Happy Birthday Court N!!

Wishing the Happiest of Birthdays to my Best Friend Courtney!!!

I really do love her like a sis (LYLAS!) She is the reason I survived college…

My babes….

All of us together….Court introduced me to my BFF’s (swimmers!)

2 years ago..ringing in her 25th in AC…Can’t wait to do it up again Vegas style this time…one month! Isn’t she the cutest?? She is the reason I am going to Vegas…..and do adventurous/fun things in my life….

She will always be “Court N”…even though I don’t really have any other friends named Courtney! She is the reason I know a “little” bit about sports, sometimes, only if she is around and tells me…especially ice hockey (COURT’s FAV:)

She is the reason I got in to running! (Virginia Beach Rock ‘n Roll!) Court and Allie did the Philly Half (same race Allie and I will do in a few weeks:)

Here’s to another year!! Happy Birthday Court N! Love you GF!

(hope you wished for power and a flyers season when you blew out the birthday candles:)


Just a few goals for the month….

November Goals:

  • Lift 2 x per week (bodypump once marathon training stops!)
  • Don’t be scared to run after the marathon (aka KEEP RUNNING)…3 times per week (15 miles per week would be good!)
  • Keep avoiding sweets to feel gooooooddd! Watch one piece turns in to MANY pieceS
  • Drink more water (I think we all need this one!)
  • Try out Sol Yoga for hot yoga after marathon (a local yoga place)…I ❤ hot yoga
  • Slow down….and really enjoy the holiday season with family (that includes eating)





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