I’m Free, Free Fallinnnnn

If I could post one picture to sum up my weekend it would be this one:

Why not swing at the age of 25?? It felt like I was 5 again for a few short pumps…I even “jumped off” mid air.

So cool, I know.

Today I went to visit my friend Colleen in Mt. Joy, PA. It is so gorgeous there during the fall, I insisted on getting out for a Day Date to catch up and see the end of the fall leaves…her apartment complex is adorable.

Future home that I want…just waiting for it to go on sale:)

Every time I go to visit Colleen we go look at the model houses in her development…the interior design and furniture is incredible, we like to pretend we live there… (the mature way to “play house”) …..Don’t worry Mom your window treatment designs are much better then these were, thats why they didn’t make the picture!

Colleen had a “bar crawl” the night before…so let’s just say she wasn’t feeling her “best”…but we still had fun catching up and relaxing!

Sleepy Sunday…a little ahem…”under the weather”

This is what my bed looks like only on Saturday’s after long runs…what will be my excuse for a messy bed on a Saturday and going to bed at 8pm every night when the marathon is over!?

This happened..we are finally at the end of our calendar…I honestly never thought those weeks would end….hard to believe how far we have come. I remember our first week July 15th was an 8 mile long run and I thought there is no way I can run that much this early on. Well I did it, and I also ended our training with an 8 mile long run…

I was reading Runners World at 5:30am (I have not been able to sleep in at all recently or fall asleep…I think it is excitement and also my body is “resting” and is not as tired as usual) on Saturday before our last long run…found this quote in the “body” section and just loved it. So very true.

I know I am pretty cool. So is my stretched out face. Go ahead, laugh 🙂

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