Errbody Go See Argo At The “Big Movies”

Disclaimer…if you go to this movie (Argo) you will need 1. gum to chomp instead of chewing your fingers off 2. a diaper or very easy access to the bathroom so you don’t pee in your pants.

HOLY SUSPENSE! The movie was so good! Go see it ASAP.

The reason I call it the “big movie” is because my parents are the cutest and go to The County in Doylestown for most of their movie’s (they are even members!)…so when they go to see a movie that is in the “regular” theater they call it “going to The Big Movie Theater”… yes, you have to go see Argo at the “Big Movie”…

First let me just show you what happened BEFORE the movie…we had a nice little “girls date night” at Chipotle…

Burito Bowl is where it’s at!

Tonight’s choice: brown rice, black beans, chicken, fajita veggies, guac, mild salsa, and lettuce

Can you tell our friend Carrie is normal and doesn’t have to “show” her food when she gets her picture taken?? I wish I could be more like that.

When you go to the movies…pop your own popcorn and bring white chocolate chips to munch on. I was seriously dumbfounded that the movie ticket itself cost $11.50..I can only imagine what popcorn or candy costs!

Bring your diaper bag size purse…and WaLa…you can sneak your own snacks in! I have never gotten caught doing this, if I ever do, promise to bail me out.

I had an AMAZING breakfast this morning that I wanted to share…it is at the end of this post, just because I am random, you should know that by now.

2 egg whites, 1 whole egg… scrambled. 1 chicken sausage chopped and sautéed with spinach and tomatoes. Put about 1 oz shredded cheddar on top and you will be full for at least 2 hours! (don’t laugh, that is actually quite a long time for me to stay full).

Leaving you with some words of encouragement:)

Tomorrow is our last marathon training “long run”…only 8 miles.

These words are words I need to remind myself too for the next 8 days.

Tomorrow morning is also the last time it is acceptable for me to eat a bowl of oatmeal in bed, per my usual Saturday morning long run routine! I will miss that!!

Happy Weekend! xoxoxooxoxo

One thought on “Errbody Go See Argo At The “Big Movies”

  1. Loved the movie!!!. But wished it was playing at the County where dad and I go to see a movie for $9… That’s for both of us… This is how we afford happy hour… Weather looking good for next Sunday… Not as concerned for runners as for the weary spectators…can you say bloody Mary’s 🙂

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