A Marathon Surprise!

Just when I thought I couldn’t be more excited for this weekend…my sister, brother-in-law, and best friend surprised me for the weekend by driving from all over the place to cheer me on!!!!!!

This is me saying “wait, what!?” I was soo confused but SO excited!!

Court came!! I was am sooo happy to have her here!

The whole gang….! Pat and Sessy all the way from RI:)

My dad makes the MOST amazing grilled pizzas…I need to go in the fridge and get some pics of them….they are incredible and deserve their own blog post. Court brought Amish coffee cake…and cookies…and apple pie. Good thing we run 26.2 tomorrow!

My mom has been harassing Court to help her on her “mac”…sorry Court. Lylas.

Lucy wants her picture on the blog too…Hey girl.

Pat doesn’t want to be on the blog..so I decided to sneak pictures of him all day…here is his helping his wifey cut out circles for some project she is doing for her students…what a guy!

This is what my house looks like at 7am…flannel every where, coffee/tea, cups of kashi, books and now my mom on her “My iPad”

Bacon man….the best bacon ever.

My parents are practicing for when they open up a Bed and Breakfast

Colleen sent me an edible arrangement…my first one ever! If this is what I get for running a marathon I will maybe consider doing one again…maybe

I have the best friends…

Shake-out 2 miler!! Court went farther..I think she is secretly training for a marathon but won’t tell us:)

Common at the Tesoro household…

Marathon Dreams!

This will be popped tomorrow….!

**My apologies for a picture-blog post today..(not like most posts are any different)…I will post later this week about the expo and marathon! Time for rest and family/friend bonding…! thank you for all the good luck posts/emails/tweets!!!

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